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VPA Dance Company 

Dances are coming along nicely for our Junior, Intermediate, Teen and Senior teams!

We are very excited to announce our new Mini Dance Company! Our ten Mini dancers are made up of VPA's most talented and passionate 3rd and 4th graders! They will be competing one dance, choreographed by VPA's Melissa Bravo at Movement Dance Competition.

Current VPADC Members, please scroll down to find information and recap videos on our current and previous seasons.


Mini Season Calendar--posted 12/5/17

Final Casting-- Posted 11/20/2017

Season Calendar--updated 11/5/2017

Junior Rehearsal Schedule-- Posted 11/1/2017

Intermediate Rehearsal Schedule-- Posted 11/1/2017

Teen Rehearsal Schedule-- Posted 11/1/2017

Senior Rehearsal Schedule-- Posted 11/1/2017

Solo & Duet Audition Schedule-- POSTED 11/7/2017

Understudy Handout--posted 9/13/17

2017-18 4th-6th grade Add-On Form

2017-18 7th-12th grade Add-On Form


Bun Tutorial

Stage Make-Up Tutorial

FYI: If you want to do it right, do it exactly according to the stage make-up video however, if fake lashes don't work for you, you do not need to wear them. Another tip is to line the inside of your eyelids with black liner to make them pop.

VPADC Make-Up Classes

Rehearsals can not be made up. Technique classes can be made up appropriately as follows. Please be sure to stop in with a receptionist and let them know what class you are making up. They are the staff that will cancel out your original absence.

Fall-Spring Make-Up Classes

See VPADC Season Calendar for days we are closed. Classes listed below without "NP" are performance classes. We will allow dancers to make up absences in performance classes up until Winter Break. Non-performance classes can be used for make-ups throughout the entire season.

Grades 4-6:
Ballet 1-2—Tues. 5:05-5:50 pm
Ballet 2-3—Tues. 5:05-5:50 pm
Ballet & Contemp Combo 1-2—Thurs. 6:40-7:40 pm
Jazz/Hip Hop 1-2—Tues. 5:55-6:40 pm
Jazz/Hip Hop 1-2—Sat. 9:15-10:15 am
Jazz/Hip Hop 2-3—Tues. 5:55-6:40 pm
Jumps,Turns,Tech—Wed. 4:30-5:45 pm (NP)

Grades 7-12:
Ballet & Contemp Combo 1-2—Thurs. 6:40-7:40 pm
Ballet 2-3—Tues. 7:05-8:20 pm
Ballet/Pointe 3-4—Tues. 7:05-8:20 pm
Ballet Technique Int/Adv—Mon. 6:40-7:55 pm (NP)
Ballet Technique Int/Adv—Wed. 7:00-8:15 pm (NP)
Ballet Technique Int/Adv—Thurs. 7:20-8:35 pm (NP)
Contemporary Tech  Int/Adv—Thurs. 8:35-9:35 pm (NP)
Jazz/Contemporary 2-3—Tues. 8:25-9:25 pm
Jazz/Contemporary 3-4—Tues. 8:25-9:25 pm

NP=Non-Performance Class


Introducing our 2017-2018 VPA Dance Company...

Kate Ahrens, Jessica Armenta, Emily Bachert, Claire Christie, Jane Gawronski, Lucy Gawronski, Brooke Ghaly, Eliza Goldwasser, Katarina Jankovic, Zenya Kontos, Giulia LaSusa, Moreen Mercado, Alexandra Mital, Amelia Mital, Jasmine Moraga, Sadie Nelson, Alice Petrick, Cassidy Rescorl, Kayli Sarris, Danielle Scimeca, Fiona Snyders, Grace Soifer, Allie Shelest, Allie Sukhman, Grace Toomey, & Emma Torres

Introducing the Dancers 2017-2018 Video


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