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Virtuoso Performing Arts is dedicated to providing quality training in the performing arts in an environment that is both disciplined and motivating. We strive to promote a balance between proper technique and creative self-expression. It is our goal to instill in each student a sense of discipline, positive self-esteem and a comprehensive knowledge of the performing arts.

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Virtuoso Performing Arts, founded and run by sisters, Carrie Bohlmann (Polack), Annie Conway (Polack) and Margaret Thompson (Polack), opened its doors in 2004. Miss Carrie, Annie and Margaret embrace a profound passion for the arts and are grateful for the positive role that a performing arts education has played in all aspects of their lives. In January of 2004, they realized their dream of opening a studio where students of all ages could come to learn a wide range of the performing arts under one roof. VPA proudly offers Dance, Acting, Voice and Music instruction to boys and girls, both recreational and pre-professional.