What Our Customers Are Saying 

"Our daughter has enjoyed lessons with Gail. She has gained confidence and has learned to work hard when something doesn't come easy."
-Marni J (2019)

"VPA has allowed my three children to work together on music they love, and for that I’m very thankful!"
-Esther S. (2019)

"The school of music and specifically the recitals help develop a life skill that will be useful throughout the students’ lives - the ability to confidently appear before an audience whether it is performing music or making a presentation to a group of people! It is a tremendously useful skill!"
-Irene S. (2019)

"Miss Marlene is amazing - cheerful, encouraging, flexible with scheduling and truly takes an interest in my child, whose confidence has grown exponentially since she started working with Miss Marlene. We love her!" 
-Anonymous Parent (2019)

"The music instruction my son recieves from Virtuoso/Mr. David makes my son love to sing. I thought it was great because of him loving class but it wasn't until my friend who played with the Chicago Symphony orchestra observed the class, and said she wished she had had such instruction as a child and she hoped I realized the gem we have that I knew the instruction here is great."
-Armensue V. (2018)

"I am really pleased with the teachers and wonderful staff at Virtuoso and they are extremely talented. I have seen my daughter improving every year and the interest she has developed naturally towards music and she really enjoys the lessons."
-Anonymous Parent (2018)

"Marlene is a wonderful voice instructor. She connects really well with kids and has made the experience of voice lessons super fun for my 9 year old twins!"
-Mariette L. (2018)

"Guitar lessons with Evan are fantastic! He is up to date on the music that he plays with the kids, so it keeps their interest. He also is great when the kids come to him with what they are interested in playing. He allows the kids to have input on the lesson which is so important in keeping them interested. He is a FANTASTIC teacher!"
-Vaughn H. (2018)

"A wonderful place to get professional teachers like Mr. David teach our young students to grow and become confident, diligent performers and musicians. Thank you!"
-Anonymous Parent (2018)

"Virtuoso has helped my daughter gain confidence , practice patience and self discipline. She loves music and loves her teacher!"
-Haidee F. (2018)

"Samantha has grown as a performer because of her lessons. She keeps getting better & better. Her understanding of music has also improved."
-Bridget R (2018)

"Professional and kind instruction for the youngest of music lovers!"
-Anonymous Parent (2018)

"Yes, I would recommend Mr. David Zizic as a very professional and devoted teacher."
Irene V. (2018)

"Our son has been taking voice lessons with Mr. David and loves the experience. I love it too. Mr. David truly loves teaching children, Everyone at Virtuoso is so positive and their productions are first rate. I encourage anyone to experience this place."
-Armensue V. (2018)

"I'm so happy we chose virtuoso for our daughters music education. She has learned so much and has become so confident while performing. Ms. Marlene is patient, knowledgable and encourages her to do her best. My daughter has such a great bond with her and values every lesson she teaches her. Im not sure we could've gotten that anywhere else."
-Sonia (2018)

"David is a phenomenal instructor. He is willing to work with us on times and days. He is very kind and is extremely patient! We love David!!!!"
-Colleen S. (2018)

"We started voice lessons with Marlene a little over a year ago, and it is fantastic to see my child grow in her confidence and vocal ability. The staff is truly a second family!!"
-Angelica K. (2018)

"VPA is second to none in terms of providing a high quality music and performing arts experience for all age groups. Not only are the performances stellar, but the learning environment is remarkably positive, warm, and encouraging. I can't think of any other program that is able to consistently deliver wonderful productions with such an encouraging and supportive approach. We're hooked on VPA!"
-Irene S. (2018)

"My daughter loves to sing and started taking formal voice lessons with Ms. Marlene last year. She connected with her right away and loves working with her on new songs. We were so impressed with the quality of the recent voice recital. I feel like she is getting a real taste of what is like to be a performer in addition to learning the fundamentals of music!"
-Claire D. (2018)

"VPA is a great school with very talented teachers. Very reasonably priced as well."
-Madhu (2018)

"The school of music at Virtuoso is unlike any other program. It is a healthy combination of fun and discipline. My children have loved taking lessons for the last 11 years."
-JoAnne L. (2018)

"There is no other studio that provides the type of in depth instruction that Virtuoso has given to my daughter. In addition to the technically advanced training that she has received, she has learned life skills of socialization, leadership, and how to properly care for her body. Dance has become a part of who she is because of virtuoso. This is a gift that she will carry with her for the rest of her life.
-JoAnne L. (2018)

"We joined VPA after eight years at another studio and were immediately impressed with how students were placed in classes according to the owners’ assessment, not parent judgment. Through my daughter's classes with several different yet equally outstanding instructors, she has developed her own style and has been noticed in her high school dance classes for her improv and choreography abilities. Her confidence on stage and in summer intensives comes from her strong technical VPA training, conditioning and regular critiques. The teachers are alway using imagery and creating the next challenge for their dancers, so my daughter continues to set higher goals. She has only been supported and encouraged at VPA.
-Rachel R. (2018)

"Virtuoso is the best dance school in the area! I am a Physical Therapist and have a background in dance. My daughter has learned so much! She can’t wait to attend her classes each week and appreciates the professionalism of all the Instructors! Thank you!!!"
-Tina C. (2017)

"It is pure joy to see your child connect so wholeheartedly to her passion every day. I didn't think we could get any more proud of her and then we all jumped on this massive joy wave and rode a pride rocket into another stratosphere. Not an understatement and a ride we are still on, in fact. None of this would have been possible without the loving and expert guidance of you, Laura, Annie, Margaret and everyone else at VPADC over these last years. Teagan is the dancer she is because of VPADC expertise, but more importantly she is the poised, thriving young woman because of the collective spirit that is Virtuoso. We are forever grateful for our Virtuoso family."
-Sara M. (2016)

"The theater program at VPA is unique - wonderfully unique.  Season after season, David brings out the best in each cast member in a warm, supportive,  engaging environment. The productions are impressively well-done and a joy to watch. My children have been in other theater programs but nothing compares with the richness of the VPA experience.  Thank you!"
-Irene S. (2016)

“Virtuoso has been a real blessing for our family.  We have had the honor of watching our daughters blossom as performers, dancers and young ladies. The supportive atmosphere encourages and teaches not only the arts but also offers a holistic approach to healthy food and nutrition necessary to sustain these activities.  As the mother of 3 daughters this is very important to our family.  We look forward to many years of the “Virtuoso Family”.
-Stefanie N., mother of two dancers (2015)

"Vpa has been my home and favorite place to be for 3 years. The staff is INCREDIBLE. Every single teacher is an amazing dancer and an amazing instructor. They all have so much experience and so much to teach their students. They care for every single one of their students and they truly felt like my family. The choreography is all so different and original, the company is so much fun and has so much you can learn and experience, and I especially loved the cross training and strength training we received! I'm going to miss dancing here like crazy but I know I am ready for the professional and teaching world of dance because of them. I wouldn't be where I am today without them. The perfect studio if you want great technique and to be an all around great dancer in every style."
-Haley M, 2015 VPA Graduate (2015)

“We used to take theatre classes at the park district and it doesn’t even compare to the quality of VPA” Irene S. (2015)

"Thank you for all you do! You and your sisters along with the rest of your amazing staff have created wonderful experiences for Catherine as well as developed a true love of the arts within her. She looks forward to expanding her dance skills and all the fun and friendship that goes along with the hard work and dedication."
-Mary O, mother of triple threat (2015)

"Extremely talented instructors with amazing hearts. I am so grateful I studied here for 9 years. I've learned more than performing arts here, but life lessons that I will take with me for the rest of my life. Thank you!"
-Megan M, 2013 VPA graduate (2015)

"I want to thank you for the wonderful years our daughter Alina spent at "Virtuoso. We first found you after searching the area for dance studios. I remember looking at the recital videos of several local studios. Your recital video stood out. Through the years we saw our daughter fall in love with all types of dance all the while receiving amazing instruction and encouragement from you all. Ms Margaret, Ms Annie, Ms Carrie you were not only teachers but mentors. I have to also mention Miss Laura who was an amazing instructor and so loved too. I loved that you guys were tough on the students but encouraging. You also had some amazing choreography that brought out the best in your dancers. I felt like our daughter not only improved her dance techniques but learned discipline, professionalism, choreography, and much more. I know she listened when you shared your stories and I know she learned life lessons as well. You guys were MORE than teachers! At her last recital in June of 2014 I had tears in my eyes. The tears were because I was so proud of her but also because we were saying good bye to you all. Thank you for 9 wonderful years. Our only regret is that we did not sign her up for more classes at the beginning.  Now in college Alina is starting her own dance group. She has told me she is modeling it after your teaching and policies. Your influence continues! I will keep on pointing other neighborhood dancers your way. Wishing you continued success. You are an amazing dance studio."
-Lisette W, mother of recent graduate (2014)

"When I first came to VPA the only dance training I've ever had was ballet with a bit of flamenco and a mash up of different folk dances. I came to VPA my freshman year of high school feeling like I didn't have much room to grow as a dancer but I took practically every class that was offered anyway. I was definitely wrong about not being able to grow as a dancer. I went from considering myself as being just a ballet dancer to becoming a better all round dancer. Through broadening my horizons in dance, I also broadened my horizons in discipline and goal setting, two skills I feel have become an important part of my life outside of the dance world. VPA offers a positive learning environment and many classes taught by such a knowledgeable faculty that I encourage anybody who is even thinking about joining VPA to just give it a try, you won't regret it!"
-Lucy I, 2014 VPA Graduate (2014)

"I cannot speak highly enough about this school. The training is excellent, the staff/teachers are incredible, the sister/owners are simply awesome. My daughter loves dancing at Virtuoso. We're very grateful to be part of the VPA family! Thank you!"
-Jess W, mother of dancer (2014)

"My daughter is what is called a "triple threat" (dance, voice and acting) her confidence level on and off the stage is unbelievable. I attribute that to the VPA staff. It's so nice to have a studio that offers a variety of theater options in our area with such a talented, dedicated staff."
-Laura L, mother of 2014 VPA graduate

"Take it from a picky mom who used to dance, this is the BEST studio in the area. If your kids want to learn to dance the right way in a fun, professional, safe atmosphere, this is the place to go. Family run and great teachers. Check out their recital DVDs and see the difference in the performances."
-Lisette W, mother of 2014 VPA graduate

"Virtuoso Performing Arts is an outstanding studio.  The teachers are very caring, knowledgeable and professional with excellent teaching techniques. One of the many things that I like the most about Virtuoso is that their classes are small groups. My daughter has been coming to Virtuoso since she was 4 1/2 year old and she  loves it. I highly recommend this awesome place!"
-Carmen C, mother

"I love this studio so much! The kids are so talented and the dancers and dances are breath taking. A truly GREAT studio for kids who are interested in doing dance professionally or just for fun. The owners are so nice and the faculty is disciplined. They really give your child attention and corrections. My child learned so much and improved drastically after one year with them."
-Emma M, mother

"A great place! With some outstanding teachers. My two girls spent years studying at VPA. Now they are both getting degrees in the performing arts."
-Damon L, proud dad

"I have been attending Virtuoso Performing arts for many, many years now and one word I have to describe it is Love. Their love for their students, for each other, my love for them, and just the plain love of the arts. The training I have gotten is more than i could've asked for, and VPA is a big family. I love the way they explain things in many different ways, from different perspectives, and they themselves are constantly learning new things to teach us, and that makes us as students learn things that, at most studios, they wouldn't have learned until they were much older. I have truly loved every single year i have spent at VPA."
-Anonymous Student

"We had been looking for a quality dance studio for over a year when a friend invited my daughter to a "bring a friend" class. I was very impressed with what I saw, and my daughter loved it! The three sisters have put not only their expertise, but equally important, their hearts into this studio. Every teacher makes the classes enjoyable while emphasizing the importance of proper technique and discipline.  As a former dancer myself, this is exactly what I had been looking for. Virtuoso has become a second home for my daughter, and she is flourishing as a dancer under the guidance of her exceptional teachers.  We couldn't be happier with the choice we made."
-Cara D, mother of dancer

"Virtuoso Performing Arts is an amazing studio!  The teachers have all received formal dance training and are more than qualified.  They provide a fun, friendly environment while teaching good technique and proper dance etiquette.  Virtuoso gives awesome performance opportunities such as their annual recital in June, and their choreography shows, which allow students to create their own dances.  Virtuoso also provides great acting and voice lessons.  This studio is like a second home to me and I would recommend it to everyone!"
-Katie K, 2012 VPA graduate

"Dear Miss Annie, Miss Carrie and Miss Margaret, Just wanted to let you guys know that we haven't forgotten about you. As a matter of fact, how can we — we have only been reminded time and time again as we check out every single dance studio here within a five mile range — that nothing compares to VPA. Period. Best wishes to all of you as you prepare to embark on another year. What you do is truly remarkable, and it was due to our good fortune of running into you as our first dance studio that it was often difficult for us to understand why the rest of the studios do not simply conform to the high standard you set up. Be proud!"
Cheng H. (2012)


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