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General Class Questions

Where can I find a class schedule?
Schedules are located on our Registration Form or on our website. Simply hover over "Classes" in our top navigation and click one of the drop-down programs to see schedules. Forms can be found at our facility or downloaded from our website.

How do I know what to register for?
All students are welcome to register for any of our classes provided they meet the minimum grade requirement and all prerequisites, unless otherwise approved by our faculty. New students can sign up for a One Week Trial Pass for a week of classes on us. We are happy to make recommendations!

How can I be recommended for classes?
Returning Students/Parents will have received recommendations from our faculty. If any new student wishes to be recommended for a class, sign up for a One Week Trial Pass for a week of classes on us and we would be happy to give you a tour and offer recommendations. Students must be recommended by VPA faculty for all intermediate- advanced levels and for all levels two and up. Please let our staff know if you need more information regarding evaluations.

Do I have to take ballet?
All intermediate-advanced (level two and up) jazz or contemporary students are required to take ballet. There are many technical ballet elements within jazz and contemporary techniques and we find that students who also take ballet are able to learn these genres more efficiently.

Can I register after the season begins?
Students may be accepted into classes after the season has begun provided the class for which they wish to register is not full. At the instructor’s discretion, students who register after the season has already begun may be required to purchase private make-up lessons in order to catch up to the class.

What if I register for the wrong class?
If for any reason a student has been inappropriately recommended for a class, he or she will be recommended for and required to transfer to an alternate class. If a student feels he/she has been inappropriately recommended, please notify our staff as soon as possible.

What if a scheduling conflict arises?
Should a scheduling conflict arise after registration is processed, we will do our best to place the student in an alternate class provided it is not full and that it meets age/ level requirements. Please call the studio as soon as such a conflict arises.

When can my child go up en pointe?
Students must be approved by VPA ballet faculty in order to go up on pointe. There are many factors we take into consideration, including age, strength, training, skill and physical maturity. Starting pointe training too soon can lead to a lifetime of physical problems. We take your child’s safety seriously and appreciate your support in our professional decisions regarding this matter. VPA ballet teachers will notify students when they are ready to begin pointe. Students invited to begin pointe work will receive an official recommendation along with instructions on purchasing and preparing their first pair of pointe shoes. All students who register in pointe must also be enrolled in at least two weekly ballet classes at VPA. Pointe students must also study ballet over the summer at VPA.

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General Studio Questions

Can I bring a cell phone to class?
Cell phones are not allowed in class. Also, please silence your cell phone upon entering the facility.

Where should I wait for my class to start?
Actors and Musicians can wait just outside of Studio 1. Dancers who have class in Studio 1 should wait in the corridor with the cubbies just outside Studio 1. Dancers who have class in Studio 2 should wait in the corridor with the cubbies just outside Studio 2 or in the Break Room. Dancers who have class in Studio 3 should wait in the Break Room.

Where should I keep my things during class?
There are two areas with cubbies to keep your bag. Coats should be hung on coat hooks and shoes should be kept on floor mats rather than cubbies.

Do you have a lost and found?
Lost and Found is located in the break room. VPA is not responsible for lost or stolen belongings.

Can I bring food to VPA?
No food is permitted in the studios, although water bottles (with a cap) are allowed in the studios. Food is only allowed in the break room. There is a refridgerator, freezer and microwave in the Break Room. Food that is in the refrigerator at the end of the day will be disposed. Please help maintain a sanitary environment by cleaning up after yourself.

Can I bring my child early or pick up late?
For the safety and protection of the children, parents are expected to drop students off to class no earlier than fifteen minutes prior and pick up immediately following class.

Will someone be supervising my child before and after class?
Children grades five and under must be supervised by an adult in dressing room and lobby areas before and after class.

What if my child becomes disruptive during class?
Students are required to give the instructor(s) undivided attention. Students are to behave in class and respect the teacher at all times. Teachers will give a student one warning should they become disruptive. If the disruption persists, he/she may be removed from the class.

What if my child is ill or injured but can still participate?
Students are expected to inform the instructor before the class begins of any minor or major injuries or illnesses.

Will there be any hands-on instruction?
There will be times when instructors will employ gentle hands-on adjusting corrections to students. This is sometimes imperative to teach proper alignment to students.

How should I prepare my child for or help him/her understand constructive criticism?
While our teachers are trained to give positive feedback and praise to the students, our teachers also know how to deliver constructive criticism. Students are encouraged to embrace their instructor's constructive criticism. It is meant to help not hinder. Students are expected to leave constructive criticism of other classmates to the instructor.

Does VPA encourage students to ask questions during class?
Students are encouraged to ask questions as appropriate in class and to listen to and learn from other students' questions.

How should I help my child understand the importance of taking risks and making mistakes in class?
Students must be willing to make mistakes during class as the classroom is the safest place to experiment in order to realize potential.

How does VPA end classes?
Students and instructors are expected to applaud after all classes. This promotes respect for hard work and also ends the class on a positive note.

What if my child needs to use the restroom?
Restroom needs should be taken care of before or after class except in the case of an emergency. Students should notify the teacher if he/she needs to use the restroom during class. For the safety of our guests, our restrooms are locked and require a special code. The code is 312. Students 1st grade and under will be escorted by a teacher or apprentice teacher to the restrooms.

Will my child have to practice?
Students are expected to practice outside of acting, dance and voice classes and to know the material presented in prior classes. The success of the class as a whole depends on it. Parents are expected to encourage practicing.

Can parent's view class?
There will be two Parent Viewing Weeks during each season. Parents are welcome to observe and videotape class at this time only. Other than Parent Viewing Weeks, all classes are closed to visitors and parents. We have viewing windows; however, viewing window blinds will be closed should viewing become disruptive to the students. We also have surveillance cameras and a monitor for viewing in the Parent Waiting Area. We ask that all parents please refrain from disrupting a class unless it is an emergency.

Can my child bring a friend to class?
Bring-A-Friend week is generally the 3rd week of classes in the fall; however, if your child would like to bring a friend to class another time, please let us know. All friends that participate in class are required to submit a form for safety and liability reasons.

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Class Registration Questions

Is there a Registration Fee?
There is a nonrefundable $50 Annual Registration Fee for Fall classes and a $25 Annual Registration Fee for Winter classes; however, we will waive the fee for any families who register by our Early Bird Deadlines (July 31st for Fall; December 31st for Winter). Registration received after Early Bird Deadlines will be subject to Annual Registration Fee, due at the time of Registration.

What does tuition include?
  • All scheduled classes for the season
  • Scripts and sheet music (except grades K-1st)
  • Practice music
  • Costumes are included in Fall Class tuition and Musical Tuition
What is not included in Tuition?
  • Dance Shoes and Apparel (see Dress Code on page 7)
  • Performance fees and tickets for performances
Are there any discounts?
  • There is a special discount for households enrolled in 3 or more classes per week
  • The $50 Annual Registration Fee is waived for any families registering for Fall on or before July 31st
  • The $25 Annual Registration Fee is waived for any families registering for Winter on or before January 31st

Can my child withdraw if she has committed to perform?
Withdrawals from performing classes will not be granted starting February 1st. No credits or refunds will be given for Costume Fees after Winter Break has begun under any circumstances.

How should I withdraw my child from classes?
Parents may withdraw students from classes by emailing VPA the following 1) parent name 2) student’s name, 3) the class the student is withdrawing from (including the day & time), 4) reason for withdrawal. If a student properly withdraws from any of our programs, all payments made by such student to Virtuoso Performing Arts will be refunded within thirty days of receipt of the cancellation notice; provided, however, that a student is responsible to pay for any services received prior to Withdrawal; provided, further, that the student is further responsible to pay a fifty dollar ($50) Withdrawal Fee.

What if I'm only partially withdrawing and after the withdrawal my family will only be enrolled in one or two classes?
Any family who is Withdrawing from some classes whereby the family is no longer taking at least three classes will no longer be eligible for the 15% discount.

When can returning students register?
As a courtesy, returning students are offered the opportunity to Pre-Register for our Fall-Spring Season by May 31st before registration is opened to new students. Pre- Registration is strongly recommended as classes do fill quickly.

When can new students register?
We will begin to accept registration from new students for our Fall program on June 1st. Classes will be filled on a first come first serve basis.

How do I register?
Please review policies and procedures and either register online or complete a registration form. You may submit a completed registration form by mail or fax. Registration may also be submitted in-person during current Administrative Hours or by mail box outside Administrative Hours. Please check our website at www.VirtuosoPerformingArts.com or call 847-998-9900 for current hours.

What if the class I register for is closed?
Those who register after a class is full will be placed on a waiting list. Waitlisted students will be admitted if space becomes available.

Can I make monthly tuition payments?
Yes. A valid debit/credit card is required in order to use this service. For Fall and Winter Classes, your season tuition, plus a handling fee, is divided up into equal monthly payments. The first payment is due at the time of registration (along with your Annual Registration Fee if registering after our Early Bird Deadline). The remaining payments will be automatically debited from the account you specify on the 15th of each month following registration through the following April. All payments must be finalized by the end of April. Summer classes, tuition is due in full at the time of registration. For Summer Dance Intensives, Mini Musical Munchkins or Musical Theater Camp your season tuition, plus handling fee, is divided up into equal monthly payments. The first payment is due at the time of registration. The remaining payments will be automatically debited from the account you specify on the 15th of each month following registration through July. All payments  for Summer must be finalized by the end of July.

Does VPA accept students after the season has begun?
We may continue to accept students the first few weeks after classes have begun provided the class is not full. Those who register after classes have begun will be prorated for tuition upon registration. Per instructor discretion, students who have missed classes due to late registration may be required to purchase additional private lessons in order to catch up to the rest of the class.

Will I receive confirmation after I register?
Yes. After you register you will receive confirmation via email that will include schedule and program information. Please review thoroughly.

What if my check is returned or my authorized credit/debit card is declined?
Buyer agrees to pay a $20 Dishonored Item Fee for any dishonored or returned check or other item along with any costs incurred in connection with collection of such dishonored, returned or rejected check or other item. Upon receipt of the 2nd dishonored item, Virtuoso will only be able to accept cash, money order or valid debit/credit card.

Does VPA charge Late Fees?
Yes. A $10 Late Fee will be charged for any outstanding balances every thirty days it is past due.

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Class Attendance Questions

What is expected of students regarding attendance?
Students are encouraged to attend every class in which they are enrolled. Absence from class may hinder the students’ progress. Cooperation and responsibility in this matter are extremely important to all students and classes at Virtuoso.

What if a student is late to class?
To maintain safety and etiquette, it is important that students are on time for class. Those who know they will be late should contact the studio in advance. Students who arrive ten minutes late or more may be asked to observe the class. Three late arrivals is considered chronic tardiness. Chronic tardiness is distracting to the teacher/class and will be addressed with a parent.

What is Chronic Absence?
More than 7 absences per Fall season are considered Chronic Absence. Two of these absences may be unexcused.

What is the consequence of Chronic Absence?
Chronic absence may result in the removal of the student from part of or the entire performance program.

What is considered an excused absence?
Excused absences include injury or illness, family event, funeral, and graded academic events. Parents are asked to phone the studio in the event that a student will be absent for any reason before the class the student will be absent from occurs. Please leave the student's name, instructor, class day/time and reason for absence. Cooperation in this matter is essential for good parent/teacher communication.

What is considered an unexcused absence?
An absence with no phone call is considered unexcused. Phone calls that do not include the reason for absence will be considered unexcused. Phone calls from someone other than parent or guardian will be considered unexcused unless in the case of emergency. All absences for mandatory classes will be considered unexcused. More than two unexcused absences per season is considered Chronic Absence.

How will a student learn what was taught when they were absent?
Students grades seven and up are asked to learn any material missed due to excused/unexcused absences before his/her next class. Students should learn what they missed from a classmate outside of class, or may purchase a private lesson from the instructor. Classes/Material will not be re-taught to the absentee during class time. This ensures the proper progression of the class as a whole.

Can a student make up an absence?
Students may be able to make up excused absences in another similar class if the current schedule permits and such arrangements can be made. Make-up classes must take place within two weeks of an absence. 15-min private make-up lessons may be purchased separately at a special rate of $15 per lesson.

Why is Virtuoso so strict with attendance?
Good attendance is crucial to the proper progression of the student and class as a whole. Excessive absence may result in frustration for students and instructors. Instructors will not re-teach missed material during class time.

What if there is a weather advisory?
Virtuoso reserves the right to cancel classes during hazardous weather conditions. In the event of inclement weather, please phone Virtuoso for voicemail notifications or visit our website at VirtuosoPerformingArts.com. We will schedule a make-up class for any class cancelled due to weather.

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Class Performance Questions

What performance opportunities are offered to VPA class students?

Fall Dance Classes: June Dance Production
Fall Acting and Theater/Music Classes: May Acting Showcase
Fall Voice Classes: School of Music Recital

Is performing mandatory?
Although performing is not mandatory, VPA strongly encourages students to perform at the end of the season. Approximately 95% of students choose to perform at the end of the season.

Why should I choose to perform?
The opportunity to showcase the material and skills students have learned throughout the year gives the student a sense of pride and personal accomplishment. Not only is it a valuable learning experience in the performing arts, it is also an unforgettable experience that will be treasured for a lifetime.

What do we have to do in order to perform?
The following three items are due on or before December 5th in orderfor a student to perform:

1) The Commitment—Shortly after classes begin in the fall, students enrolled in performance classes will receive a Performance Commitment form for each show applicable. We ask that all performers complete and submit no later than December 5th.

2) Production Fee(s)—Due for all performing students on or before December 5th. Production Fee(s) cover technical and dress rehearsals, performances and two tickets per household.

3) Costume Fee(s)—Costumes will be ordered/prepared for students who opt to perform. Costume fees are included in tuition. Some costumes will be purchased brand new and some will be rented. 

What if I choose not to perform?
The Performance Opt-Out Deadline is December 5th. Please contact us by December 5th if you will not be performing. At the instructor’s discretion, those who choose not to perform at the end of the season may be recommended an alternate class or private lessons in order to continue training after Winter Break. Please keep in mind that no refunds will be given for Costume Fees after Winter Break.

Can my child withdraw if she has committed to perform?
Withdrawals from performing classes will not be granted starting February 1st. No credits or refunds will be given for Costume Fees after Winter Break has begun under any circumstances.

What else should I know about performing with VPA?
Chronic absence may result in the removal of the student from part or the entire performance program. Please see our Attendance Policies to find out what VPA considers Chronic Absence.

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