Dress Code

VPA will order dance apparel or shoes for students upon purchase. Please allow one week for delivery. We usually keep tan and pink tights in stock.

Preschool - 3rd Grade

Girls: Solid colored leotard; pink Revolution tights (no shimmer).

Creative Dance and Ballet Classes: Pink Revolution full-sole ballet shoes (laces tucked into shoe); ballet skirts optional (no longer than the top of thigh). No tutus or attached skirts, please. Tap: Tan Revolution U-Shell Tap Shoe. Hip Hop/Jazz: Black slip-on Revolution Stretch Jazz Boot; black athletic, fitted pants or shorts.

Boys: Snug-fitting solid colored T-shirt or sleeveless shirt; black shorts or pants; black Revolution ballet shoes; black slip-on Revolution Premium Stretch Tap Boot; black slip-on Revolution Stretch Jazz Boot. 

4th-12th Grade Ballet Classes:

Girls: Solid colored leotard; pink Revolution tights (noshimmer); pink split-sole Revolution ballet shoes (laces tucked in); black sheer ballet skirt optional (no longer than top of thigh). Hair must be neatly secured in a bun. Pointe students must have pointe shoes approved by instructor before ribbons and elastic are sewn on.

Boys: Solid colored Tshirt or sleeveless shirt; black athletic shorts, pants or opaque tights; black Revolution ballet shoes.

4th-12th Grade Jazz/Hip Hop, Jazz/Contemporary & Tap Classes:

Girls: Solid colored leotard; black, tan or pink Revolution tights (convertible) or black athletic, fitted pants or shorts; black slip-on Revolution Stretch Jazz Boot for Jazz; barefoot for Contemporary; black Revolution tap boot for tap*.

Boys: T-shirt or sleeveless shirt; black athletic shorts or pants; black slip-on Revolution jazz boot for jazz; barefoot for contemporary; black Revolution tap boot for tap*.

*7th-12th Grade Tap 2/3 students will need Revolution Premium Full Sole Tap Shoes

7th-12th Grade Hip Hop Classes:

Girls & Boys: Comfortable top/pants (no jeans please). Grey Revolution Split-Sole Canvas Sneaker from VPA or personal Hip Hop shoes provided they have been approved by VPA faculty. Occasionally, a hip hop instructor may request a specific color of shoes for performance costume purposes. This will be determined closer to show times.

Acting/Music/Theater/Voice Classes (all ages):

Girls & Boys: Comfortable, nonrestricting top and pants (Girls, no skirts or dresses please). Clean, dry shoes and socks. Acting classes should be prepared for active movement. Scripts, sheet music and practice music will be distributed to older voice and acting students throughout the season. Students are expected to keep these materials organized and bring them to each class. Lost materials may be replaced upon request for a fee.

General Dress Code Notes:

Hair and bangs longer than eye level must be pulled back off the face and neck and neatly secured. Cover-ups may be worn for only the first ten minutes of dance classes. No gum, jewelry or watches. Dance shoes are not to be worn outside. Shoes should be clean and dry when entering the studio. Tights must be clean with no holes or runs. Why is Virtuoso so strict with the dance dress code? Our student dress code is designed to allow the instructor an unobstructed view of a dancer’s alignment and technique. In addition, a dress code promotes a professional, disciplined atmosphere. All VPA Students are required to adhere to Dress Code. Students who do not follow the Dress Code may not be allowed to participate in class and may be asked to observe.

"Then come the lights shining on you from above. You are a performer. You forget all you learned, the process of technique, the fear, the pain, you even forget who you are. You become one with the music, the lights, indeed one with the dance." 

-Shirley Maclaine