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Competitive Dance

VPA offers two competitive dance programs which give our dancers more performance opportunities throughout the season. Read more about our competitive dance programs by clicking the links below!


VPA Dance Company

Scroll down to see a comparison between the two competitive dance programs we offer.

 VPA Competitive Dance Program Comparison

  Jumpstart Dance Ensemble VPA Dance Company 

3rd-12th grades ~ Intermediate level in Ballet and Jazz ~ Registered in Ballet and Jazz Performing Classes ~ Invite from Jumpstart Director

3rd-12th grades ~ Intermediate-Advanced Level in Ballet & Jazz ~ Registered in Ballet & Jazz performance classes and at least one technique class ~ Invite from VPADC Director
Commitment Length

semi-annual (Winter &/or Summer)

Required Genres

Ballet & Jazz

Ballet, Jazz, Tap (older dancers also study Contemporary & Hip Hop)
Minimum Summer Requirements

one weekly technique class or one-week dance intensive & 6-10 hours of rehearsal per dance

one-week dance intensive or time equivalent to intensive in weekly classes
Minimum Fall-Spring Requirements

Weekly ballet & jazz performance classes plus one technique class: 2.5-3 hrs/wk & 6-10 hours of rehearsal per dance in the Winter (1-2 dances per season)

Weekly Technique Classes: 1-2.25 hrs/wk depending on age & Weekly Rehearsals: 3-3.25 hrs/wk
Performance Opportunities

one regional competition in Summer/Fall &/or one regional competition in Winter/Spring plus VPA Dance Production in Spring

1-2 regional competitions in Winter/Spring; 1-2 community performances in Winter/Spring; VPA Dance Production in Spring
Registration Deadline

Winter Jumpstart: Nov 30
Summer Jumpstart: Apr 30

May 6

Not required

May 8

If you would like assistance on deciding which of our dance competitive programs is best for your dancer, contact us at vpa@virtuosoperformingarts.com.