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VPA Dance Company

The VPADC is a training program offered to VPA's most driven and dedicated dancers, grades 3-12. Company Dancers are required to train year-round in the disciplines of Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary and Tap dance. There will be several opportunities to perform throughout the season as well as competitive dance. 

If you are interested in joining VPADC, please email Carrie at vpadc@virtuosoperformingarts.com.

Members click here.


The primary focus of the Company is to honor individuality, celebrate the unique gifts of each dancer and encourage all students to strive for their personal best both in dance and in other areas of their lives; the secondary focus is to build strong, well-rounded dancers; our third focus is to create a presence in the community and share the joy of dance with others.

Program Benefits

  • Gain a sense of balance by managing commitments to both dance and academics
  • Participate in a physical activity that enhances the value of a healthy body
  • Develop a sense of confidence — an important benefit for college and/or job interviews
  • Work with mentors who are focused on the students' success inside and outside of the classroom
  • Enjoy friendships that could last a lifetime and a sense of belonging to an extended family of fellow dancers, teachers and parents
  • Discover the results of hard work and determination
  • Develop a lifelong appreciation for the performing arts
  • Nourish the soul through dance -- a wonderful form of self-expression!


Eligible dance students who wish to audition for the Virtuoso Performing Arts Dance Company will need to be going into at least third grade by Fall of the upcoming season and have the following:

  • Invite from VPADC Director to audition

  • Attendance in current classes is in good standing (policies notated in Handbook)

  • Demonstrates proper classroom etiquette in current classes (policies notated in Handbook)

  • Demonstrates proper dress code in current classes (policies notated in Handbook)

  • Ballet and jazz technique and experience

  • Registered in at least one of VPA’s technique classes or private lessons no later than one month prior to audition